I am a fourth year EECS PhD student working with Professor Eric Paulos at UC Berkeley. I love materials, fabrication, and baking (cookies and semiconductors). For more than seven years, I participated and lead various MEMS, nanofabrications/nanophotonics projects as an undergrad and M.S. student and as a research engineer at Sandia National Laboratories. Two years ago, I branched out to study Human-Computer Interactions under Professor Paulos, and started developing simple yet creative fabrications methods for the Maker's community. I have the privilege to collaborate with basic scientists to come up with novel long-term research ideas, with some brilliant research engineers/students to investigate fabrication methods that can be deployed and tested by the Maker's community, and with some experienced product engineers to development large-scale manufacturing methods. 

When I am not working, I enjoy gardening in my sunny Oakland garden. I am a big plant nerd who reads too many books about permaculture and holistic land management. I am secretly happy that I inherited my yard in a terrible condition so that I can fix it. I also love evolutionary anthropology and psychology - if anyone is up for reading tons of journal papers with me and rant about how everything contradict each other, let me know.